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Meet the Painters

Zina Puzz -

Zina Puzz received her training at Mississippi State and has over forty years of experience as a professional artist. She has been painting for Realizations for four years. Zina is from Kosciusko, MS and now lives in Biloxi, MS. “I love the journey of movement in his lines”, Zina says about Walter Anderson’s work. 

Movement is important to Zina, and we can tell in this quote about the use of water color “It is as direct a medium as can be, there can’t be hesitation and I get lost in the flow.” Zina has worked in every medium she could get her hands on and she loves them all, “My body craves creativity and always has.” 

Zina is a truly inspired soul and finds creativity everywhere. She describes herself as a junkie for the arts, and we can tell in her painting. Zina particularly loves to bring color to the motion in Walter’s “Wind, Wave, Bird” and “Terns - 9”. Zina’s favorite color to paint with is any shade of red. She believes it brings life to a painting. See how right she is in her portfolio.