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About the Anderson Family

Walter Anderson and his two brothers, Mac and Peter, lived and worked in Ocean Springs for decades. Peter founded and operated the renowned Shearwater Pottery. Mac, like Walter, decorated pottery and created his own art in water color, oil, and other media. The brothers love of nature and art continues today in the work of their children and grandchildren.

Annette McConnell Anderson was Walter, Peter, and Mac Anderson' mother. In 1918, she purchased 24 acres of land in Ocean Springs and moved there with her family four years later. She and Peter started Shearwater Pottery in 1928. Article from Traditional Fine Arts of Line.

Mary's watercolor Oak

Mary Anderson Pickard has found success in writing, painting, and theater direction. Mary often paints in her kayak while enjoying the beauty of the local bayous and marshes and on birding trips to nearby islands.

Leif Anderson's joy in dance is expressed in her own dance form - Airth. In addition to her dancing, Leif sculpts, paints, writes, and composes music.

Jimmy Anderson is the master potter at Shearwater Pottery in Ocean Springs. Jimmy creates and produces his own designs while continuing to produce classic Shearwater designs and new pieces by others.

Chris's Blacktip Shark, 1998.

Chris Stebly is a successful Ocean Springs artist and fisherman whose love for the Gulf coast's natural beauty shines through in water colors, block prints, decorated pottery, and murals. Chris sells his work between fishing trips.

Jason Stebly works in music, as a guitarist and song writer. His first CD, Luna Sol, is popular on the coast and is available from Realizations. A second CD of Jason's crisp, high-energy music has also been released.

Adele Anderson Lawton expresses her love of art in her beautiful water color work with Realization's silkscreen prints. Weekends often find Adele sailing to Horn Island with her husband Tim.

Carolyn Anderson prints each of the beautiful silkscren prints offered by Realizations.

Matthew Stebly escapes school by creating his own designs which he offers in a line of t-shirts.