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A tour of Walter Anderson's cottage by his wife Sissy December 21 2015

Here's a wonderful tour of Walter Anderson's cottage, conducted by his wife Sissy Anderson in 1988.

Tales of the Islander December 15 2015

Tales of the Islander is a lovely song about Walter Anderson by the incredibly talented Caroline Herring:


A wonderful documentary about Horn Island November 17 2015

This is a wonderful documentary about Horn Island - one of Walter Anderson's favorite places and the inspiration for a lot of his artwork.

Welcome to Realizations April 03 2014

Walter Anderson worked his entire life to make art accessible to more people.

He wanted to produce artwork that was affordable and accessible to everyone.  He created hundreds of linoleum blockprints with that goal in mind.  Long past the point when he could have been creating art for museums, he was still creating it for living rooms.

Realizations was founded in 1985 with one fundamental belief:
If every human being surrounds themselves with beauty the world will become a more a beautiful place.

We started the shop to help people get access to beautiful artwork, and we've brought the shop online for the same reason.

When you buy from us know that you are buying from a family whose goal first and foremost is to help you surround yourself with grace and beauty.

Our customers are more than customers to us; they are a community of like-minded souls working to make the world a more beautiful place.


John Anderson