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How to make a Special Order

At Realizations we are experts in customization. While all our prints are beautiful, sometimes a customer might have a special request. Whether they are trying to match their home, have a favorite color, or simply want an artist to replicate a print they saw and fell in love with, we are happy to accommodate. 

We would like our customers to keep a few things in mind when creating a special order. 

- These orders may take 2-6 weeks for completion, not including transit time. 

- If you send us an email with color choices, we will do our best to match, but remember, the leap from your screen and to their pallet may not be exact!

- Our artist's are excellent at recreating their own work, but if you are trying to have a painting recreated by an artist that no longer works for us, we will do our best to try and replicate it, though we can not guarantee a full pallet match. We highly recommend for you to choose from a current artist for the best results. We are happy to send samples. 

How to Create a Special Order:

1. To create a special order, we recommend that you start by filling out our special order form. 

2. From there, the store manager will contact you, confirm all the details, and officially create your order.

3. At the time that your order is created, you will be emailed an invoice. Your payment can be collected at that time. We recommend this so that your order ships out without delay.

4. Your order returns to our store, checked for perfection, and shipped out. If your invoice has not already been paid, a reminder will be sent to you to make payment. Please keep an eye out for our emails, you can the email to your contact list to make sure we do not go to spam. 

- We also take special orders by phone at 228-875-0503. This is the best option if your need some guidance, or have a very detailed request.