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Pottery Bowl, oval, Vertical Pelican

$ 25.00

5 5/8” wide

4 1/4” high

Vertical Pelican block print image


Susan Ruddiman, a former manager at Realizations, makes her pottery in a home studio, Ocean Springs Camp Run-A-Mud Pottery, not too far from the Shearwater compound many Andersons still call home. She puts a number of Walter Anderson linoleum block print decals on pottery she hand builds. The black designs stand out on the white glaze, and then a combination of brown or blue glazes are drizzled around the edges of each piece to highlight Walter Anderson’s clean designs. Because of the hand-built nature of the pieces, no two are alike, and the inventory is limited. If you are interested in other Walter Anderson images for this pottery, call Realizations at 228-875-0503, and you can get the most current information on designs available. If you don’t need a style and image immediately, items can be special ordered.

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